Friday, July 30, 2010

* sighs . * Really No mood Today. ): Talked to baby Yesterday . He said to think twice before making my decision. I cant think straight. I Havent made my decision. ): How many Weeks And its our 1month. Tsk . I really Wanna go on, tapi cam tak sampai hati uh.
God, Im crying right now . I really Wished sister is here to comfort me.

Why is this all happening to Us ? First Was Kaklong, And then Yaya, Now You and naim ?
I really hoped we could get out family back togeather. What had happen to all of us ?
Why Are we dividing apart ? ):
You're blinded akak, Kau sanggup Tinggal kan kiter semua pasal "Jantan" Tu .
Tsk, Kau dulu tak pernah lah camnie. Asal Sekarang berubah?
Dulu Kau cakap aper, Siak uh, dierh perempuan siol. Saper nak layan ? Beh sekarang ?
Kau betol2 Buta Lah Akak. I dont know what to say to you anymore.

Didnt Talk to M for a long period of time, Till yesterday. Tibe2 Msg. So called him up.
Was supposed to Otp till Morning, but im lazy and tired. So, Called him and say im tired.
Tsk, Fought with Fandi . Urgh, DAMN . ):

Paiseeeeeh per, E Bace the Below's Post. Sorrrrrrrrry. (:
Cant really get my head over him eventhough im Attached. ASSHOLE.

Okay Byebye. ):

Atik Ahchikaa

Friday, July 23, 2010

Tsk. I miss Talking to this person. Well, I love him. (: Hah.
Orang yang Seperti Anugerah tu, LEH LEK SUA ! Mimpi Suda lah kau.
Nak Step gerek, Hah. RINDU KAU LAH PANTAT.
I cume stakat dapat bobual ngan you bile hockey. SEDIH. )':
Will Post Properly Later.

Atik Ahchikaa

Sunday, July 4, 2010
im sorry i didnt say i love you back just now. Hmm. Dammit, i cant sleep. tadi rase cam nak tdo, sekarang raser hyper. Haisxz. ): Im sad. I dont know why. Eheh, Dengar lagu impossible-shontelle. Sedddddiiiiiih!

To M: You made me fall in love with you each and every second. i don't know what makes me so in love with you. Please, I really love you. Don't ever leave me k? sometimes i just sit and wonder where will each of us be in 2 years time. Maybe You've changed? Maybe i've changed. Anything can happen. Maybe we're not even contacting! I really Hope we could go far. I hope we could go high enough. Sayang, I really love you. I don't know how else i could show you. You Are Th Only One That never fails to make me smile. Even though we're on th phone, i still miss you. I cant imagine my life without you. Every night i never felt lonely as you will always be beside me. Thanks Sayang.

Atik Ahchikaa

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hmm, i've already miss hubby. Just put down th phone and i've already missing him.
Goanna call baby at 12. Yeay! Dia Ngah sebok nenok citer hantu. (:
Baby, I sayang you. Tadi gerek, Craaap shit ngan NurZuliyana. Home late.
Goanna Smoke maybe later. Hmm. tadi Chat ngan fandilove. Tak Talk much ar.
I love you, Blahblah. Hmm. i dont know what to post. i Miss My baby.

Atik Ahchikaa

Thursday, July 1, 2010

i sayang -M- . Blueeeek :p . ( : M, I Naaaak you puhlease.

Atik Ahchikaa

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